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update 13/06/2022

What’s the deadline for applying to University of Naples II?

July 15, 2022

What does “university pre-enrolment application” mean?

The university pre-enrolment application is the first step to be taken by a candidate for a university course in Italy in order to apply for a visa for study purposes at an Italian diplomatic representation.

This “pre-enrolment application” is made exclusively through the Universitaly portal. The “university pre-enrolment” procedure is different and distinct from that of “enrolment”, which will take place subsequently and on the basis of procedures within each individual university, without the involvement of diplomatic representations.


What is the difference between university pre-enrolment and enrolment?

University pre-enrolment is a compulsory procedure, which is the responsibility of the Embassy and precedes the phase of issuing the study visa and the university enrolment phases; it concerns foreign students abroad and must be concluded before the student’s enrolment procedure at the chosen university. Enrolment is the procedure for registering the student and is the responsibility of the University and is concluded after the pre-enrolment and visa issuing phases.


I have registered on the UniversItaly portal, but I cannot find where to fill in the pre-enrolment application form. 

After registering on the UniversItaly portal, you have to log in with your credentials to the portal. On the home page, you will see the correct link to access the pre-enrolment form (International Students > Pre-enrol Now)


I have already started the pre-enrolment process on UniversItaly. In the application, in step C, I need to upload qualifications that allow access to the course. Which documents should I upload, and do I need to provide the Declaration of Value and all the translations and legalisations?

Please, upload all the documents you submitted in your online Application for the selected Degree (i.e., school/academic qualifications, diploma, English proficiency certificate, etc.). The Declaration of Value should be processed at the Embassy when applying for the visa and will be asked by the University of Naples to confirm your matriculation; you do not need to upload it now. Legalizations and translations of the original documents are not required for pre-enrolment as long as all the documents are in English.  After the online application on UniversItaly is completed, you should contact the Embassy to set an appointment.


if you’re joining us on an undergraduate degree you have to upload:
– mark sheets/transcripts of the final year;
– high school diploma, if available;
– DoV or Cimea statement of comparabili
– language certificates if required

If you’re you joining us on a 2-year MSc (“laurea magistrale”) you have to upload:
– transcript of Records (ToR) with a detailed description of the courses attended and the exams passed to obtain the final degree;
– final degree certificate;
– detailed description of the course programs taken;
– additional qualifications (language certificates, motivation letter, letter of
– pre-acceptance letter issued from the Coordinator of the Course (you have to
submit your academic documents to the Coordinator of the Course you wish to
apply for, to find out if you meet the requirements to enrol)
– DoV or Cimea statement of comparability

I have entered my application on Universitaly, now what should I do?

Now you have to wait for a communication from the University confirming your application. In case

documents are missing, you will receive a request for supplementation.


Will I receive an acceptance letter?

You will receive an email informing you that you have been accepted and at the same time a

communication to the Italian Embassy or Consulate. At this point you can return to Universitaly and download a .pdf file indicating that you have been accepted. You will also receive an email with your Unina credentials.


If I make a mistake when entering data or uploading a document, what should I do?

If you make a mistake in entering data, don’t worry, the personal data are automatically corrected on the basis of your passport. If you realise that you have uploaded the wrong document and your application has not yet been evaluated you can add the correct one with a note.


What is the maximum size of attachments?

Each attachment may not exceed 10 MB. If the document exceeds this size, you may indicate a link to the

file, as long as it only refers to the document in question


Do I need to submit the declaration of the economic situation on the UniversItaly pre-enrolment application page? 

No, you are not requested to submit any documents regarding your economic situation on UniversItaly. However, to get your VISA for study/enrolment, you will need to provide the Italian Consulate/Embassy with relevant documents assessing your economic situation. Please, contact the Embassy for further details.


Is the CIMEA certification valid?

the CIMEA certification is valid, you can request it as an alternative to the declaration of value. For more information please visit https://www.cimea.it/EN/pagina-procedure-riconoscimento-titoli


Do I need an English certification?

An international certificate attesting your level of knowledge of the English language (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.) is useful for the issue of the visa by the diplomatic/consular representation.


Do I need a language certificate if I am going to apply for medicine and surgery course?

It’s advisable to upload it both for the purposes of issuing the visa and in order to have a higher score in the event of a tie in the rankings for admission to the medicine and surgery course.


Do I need an Italian certification?

If you choose a three-year degree course, magistral degree course or single-cycle magistral degree course in italian, a B2 level Italian language proficiency is required (see more: https://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/moduli/2022/Circolare_2022_2023_EN.pdf).

If you have chosen a course of study in English, you are not required to have level B2 Italian language skills.


How many courses can I apply for?

You can pre-register for several courses at the same time, there is no maximum number to be respected. However, some groups of courses are accessed through the same selection process and you can therefore only apply for a certain number of courses (preferences).


How can I get the pre-admission letter and what is that for?

Pre-acceptance letter is issued from the Coordinator of the Course. you have to submit your academic documents to the Coordinator of the Course you wish to apply for, to find out if you meet the requirements to enroll.
Visit the international courses catalogue to find out the Coordinator of the Course you wish to apply for: http://www.international.unina.it/international-courses-catalogue/ NUOVO LINK

(for 2-year MSc applicants only) it’s recommended to obtain the aforementioned Pre-acceptance letter before you start the pre-enrolment procedure.

What does the “validation” carried out by the university on individual university pre-enrolment applications mean and what effect does it have?

The “validation” carried out by the university on each individual university pre-enrolment application serves to inform the individual diplomatic representation of reference of the steps that have already been taken or that will have to be taken by the university after the visa has been obtained in order to make the candidate eligible for enrolment in the course.

Eligibility for enrolment does not imply any right to obtain a visa or to subsequently complete enrolment, but identifies a potential candidate for the individual course/activity in question: only after obtaining the visa and completing enrolment will the candidate actually be admitted to the course/activity. By validating a single pre-enrolment application, the university declares which fulfilments and checks have already been carried out on the individual case and on the documents produced, such as the assessment of the foreign qualifications presented and their truthfulness, as well as providing any other useful information that may facilitate the diplomatic representation in dealing with the individual case and support the candidate in the subsequent procedures for entry into Italy.


I haven’t received any email for the successfull submission of application.

You have to wait for your application to be verified.
If your pre-enrolment is not complete, you will receive an email asking you to complete your pre-enrolment with the missing documents or information. If your pre-application is complete, your application will be forwarded to the Consulate/Embassy where you indicated that you will apply for a visa.
You will receive an e-mail confirming that your pre-enrolment has been sent to that Consulate/Embassy.


I have received my university pre-enrolment form validated on the Universitaly portal, do I have to wait for the Embassy to call me?

No, you must now proceed to request the appointment for the visa, carefully read all the notes that your university has noted on your Universitaly validated card and when filing the visa application should also deposit any documentation requested by your university. If your university has not requested anything then you will simply have to deposit your Universitaly form together with the documents required for the visa plus a simple copy of your diploma (or replacement certificate) and the original for inspection.


I have submitted the pre-enrolment application but still haven’t received any communications from the University and, therefore, can’t start the visa application process. What should I do?

Please wait for your application to be verified and validated; it may take a few weeks due to a heavy workload. You will be notified about the validation via e-mail. After that, you can contact your embassy to verify further steps to obtain a visa.


I have received an e-mail that my pre-enrolment procedure is completed; however, I still haven’t received any communication from the Embassy/Consulate. What do I do?

After your application on UniversItaly is validated, if you haven’t received any information from your Embassy/Consulate, contact them directly to make an appointment in the shortest time possible.



I have been ‘conditionally admitted’ to a Master’s degree course and I have to take some examinations, what exactly do I have to do?

During the first semester of the academic year 2022/23 you will have to sit the examinations you have been given. As soon as you have passed them all, you can enrol in the Master’s degree course of your choice. You cannot confirm now your enrolment in the Master’s degree course now.


Why was my application for admission to a Master’s degree not accepted?

Applications for admission to Master’s degrees are thoroughly assessed by a Committee.

If your application has not been accepted, it means that your degree does not meet the requirements of the course you have chosen, or that it was obtained with a low grade


How do I obtain my Declaration of Value from the Embassy after having completed the pre-enrolment procedure?

you can pre-enroll without the DoV for now. After you submitted the pre-enrolment application, your information is sent to the corresponding university. After their verification and approval, the relevant Italian Embassy will contact the student setting the date for the delivery of the translated and legalised documents. After having received those documents from you, the Embassy will prepare a Declaration of Value document (DOV) for you.

After this/meanwhile, you can start your visa application. Please, note that the deadline to obtain your visa is 30th November 2022.

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