Admission regulation




In order to be admitted in a FIRST CYCLE (LAUREA TRIENNALE – LT) OR SINGLE CYCLE DEGREE PROGRAMME (LAUREA MAGISTRALE A CICLO UNICO – LMCU) the candidate has to provide a valid foreign high school diploma, which has to be legalized, translated and presented with a DOV (declaration of value).

To join a First Cycle degree or Single-Cycle Degree Programme the candidate must have a five-year high school diploma (as an Italian qualification) or a certificate testifying the successful completion of a period of schooling of at least 12 years (as a foreign qualification). Some degree programmes have limited access and entry is determined by passing a competitive examination.


To join a Master’s degree programme the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree. A Commission for each programme will evaluate whether the bachelor’s degree fulfils all the requirements necessary for enrolment. In addition the Commission will evaluate whether the candidate has the necessary complementary skills to be admitted to the master’s degree course.


In order to matriculate, non-EU students must pre-enrol online through the Universitaly portal 

(deadline: 15th of july).

In order to comply with Italian ministerial regulations they    must obtain the visa by 30 November 2022.

In the application, they must indicate the University of Naples Federico II and choose the degree programme they want to enrol in. They will also need to specify the Embassy/Consulate where they will apply for an entry visa to Italy. The pre-enrolment application will be verified by the University of Naples and forwarded to the Embassy/Consulate they have specified.

Documents to upload in the Universitaly application (Master’s degree):

  • Passport;
  • Transcript of Records (ToR) with a detailed description of the courses attended and the exams passed to obtain the final degree;
  • Final degree certificate;
  • Detailed description of the course programs taken;
  • Additional qualifications (language certificates, motivation letter, letter of recommendation…);
  • Pre-acceptance letter if the candidate has already obtained it from the Coordinator of the Course.

Non-EU students who wish to apply for a Master’s degree programme can upload the aforementioned documents in Universitaly platform, in the pre-enrolment application.

EU students have to mail their academic documents to the Coordinator of the Course they wish to apply for, to find out if they meet the requirements to enrol.

EU students wishing to apply for the Study in Naples scholarships must upload their documents to the following link


  • First Cycle and Single Cycle Degree Programs may be with or without restricted access (set at local or national level).

If the degree program has restricted access, the candidate must register for the admission test; the admission to the degree program depends on the score of the test and consequently on the ranking compared to the other candidates. To find out about the methods and deadlines for applying for the admission test, download and carefully read the call for applications on the degree program website.


Once the candidate has successfully passed the selection procedures as described in the call for applications, or having done all that is required to complete the assessment of basic knowledge, it is possible to proceed with enrolment, contacting the competent Secretariat Office.

Documents required for matriculation:

  • Copy of the Passport
  • Application form
  • 1 passport photo
  • Fiscal code
  • Residence Permit (proof of having asked for it)
  • Declaration of value issued by the Italian Embassy in the country where the diploma has been obtained or validity certificate issued by ENIC-NARIC centers.

Important: always check the instructions given on the degree program website. If the program has a call for applications, read it carefully and comply with all the dates established.


EU students €200/year (university fees) + €140/year regional tax (compulsory) + €16,00 legal stamp (compulsory)

Non EU students €140/year regional tax (compulsory) + €16,00 legal stamp (compulsory)


The University of Naples through the International Students’ Union (ISU) offers free assistance as to


Students, once admitted to UNINA, can contact ISUINTERNATIONAL WELCOME DESK

International Welcome Desk
Largo Santa Maria La Nova, 12 – 1st floor on the left- 80138 Napoli
Opening timing Mon/Fri: 9.00/19.00

Tel.: +39/3245947719 – whatsapp: +39 3276778291


Every year the ADISURC (Azienda per il Diritto allo Studio della Regione Campania) launches a call for applications (see, for scholarships (services and money) for students attending university courses.

Students eligible to enroll in individual courses within specific study programs at any level are: both Italian and foreign students enrolled in courses in abroad universities; students who have already graduated from three year or five-year degree programs.

Students should register at the student’s secretary’s desk where a tax of € 155,00 will be charged for each course.

Students also have the right to sit the relevant course exams and get their results certified by the student administration office for professional or academic purposes where self-development or better knowledge of specific competencies is required.

Enrollment in individual courses should be finalized before teaching commences. This is particularly important for courses during the first semester (September – February) when students should enroll before November 15th whereas for second semester courses (February – July), students should enroll before April 15th.

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