PhD courses

PhD course Coordinator Department Web site
Architecture Fabio MANGONE Architecture Sito web
Biology Salvatore COZZOLINO Biology Sito web
Biotecnologies Marco MORACCI Biology Sito web
Cardiovascular pathophysiology andtherapeutics Bruno TRIMARCO  Biomedical and Advanced Sciences
Sito web
Human rights.Theory, history and practice Cosimo CASCIONE Law Sito web
Law of persons, persons, undertakings and markets Giuseppe RECINTO Law Sito web
Economic law Massimo IOVANE Law Sito web
Economics Marco PAGANO Economic Sciences and Statistics Sito web
Philology Antonio Gargano Humanistic Studies Sito web
Physics Vincenzo CANALE Physics Sito web
Food Science Danilo ERCOLINI Agricultural Sito web
Information And Communication Technology For Health Daniele RICCIO Electrical and Information Technology Engineering Sito web
Information Technology and electrical engeneering Stefano RUSSO Electrical and Information Technology Engineering Sito web
Product and process engineering Andrea D’ANNA Chemical, Materials and Industrial Production Engineering Sito web
Civil systems engineering Andrea PAPOLA Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering Sito web
Industrial engineering Michele GRASSI Industrial engineering Sito web
Structural engineering, geotechnics and seismic risk Iunio IERVOLINO Structures for Engineering and Architecture Sito web
Management Cristina MELE Economy, Management, Institutions Sito web
Mathematics and Applications Gioconda MOSCARIELLO Mathematics and Applications “Renato Caccioppoli” Sito web
Clinical and experimental medicine Francesco BEGUINOT Translational Medical Sciences Sito web
Molecular medicine and medical biotechnology Massimo SANTORO Molecular Medicine and Medical Biotechnology Sito web
Mind, gender and languages Dario BACCHINI Humanistic Studies Sito web
Neurosciences Maurizio TAGLIALATELA Neurosciences and Reproductive Sciences and Dentistry Sito web
Public Policies for Cohesion and Convergence in the European Scenario Vittorio AMATO Political Sciences Sito web
Nutraceuticals and functional foods Alberto RITIENI Pharmacy Sito web
Quantum technologies (Tecnologie quantistiche) Francesco TAFURI Physics Sito web
Public health and preventive medicine Maria TRIASSI Public Health Sito web
Pharmaceutical Sciences Maria Valeria D’ AURIA Pharmacy Sito web
Biomorphological and surgical sciences Alberto CUOCOLO Advanced Biomedical Sciences Sito web
Chemical sciences Angelina LOMBARDI Chemical sciences Sito web
Earth, environment and resource sciences Vincenzo MORRA Earth, Environment and Resource Sciences Sito web
Philosophical sciences Domenico CONTE Studi Umanistici Sito web
Social sciences and statistics Enrica AMATURO Social sciences Sito web
Historical, archaeological and historical-artistic sciences Valerio PETRARCA Humanistic Studies Sito web
Veterinary Sciences Aniello ANASTASIO Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production Sito web
Sustainable agricultural and forestry systems and food security Albino MAGGIO Agricultural Sito web
Advanced medical-surgical therapies Fabrizio PANE Clinical Medicine and Surgery Sito web
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