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Enrollment in a doctoral program

For enrolment in Master universitari and Dottorati di ricerca courses the dispositions necessary for enrolment in Laurea and Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico (single-cycle) degree courses are not applied, considering that the enrolment procedures for the aforementioned courses do not follow a timetable drawn up according to general instructions. Candidates in possession of a foreign academic qualification equivalent in terms of level, type, content and academic rights (access to further courses) to the equivalent Italian academic qualification necessary to access the chosen course may request enrolment. The candidates should present a request to attend a Dottorato di ricerca or Master universitario course together with a copy of the academic qualification directly to the University via the UNIVERSITALY portal following the procedures and inside the terms specified in the calls of the relative institutions.

This procedure must also be applied in the case of Masters organised by Universities in collaboration with public or private institutions. Upon enrolling at the University, the candidates present the academic qualification, attached to the documentation required for enrolment.
Following confirmation of acceptance by the University, candidates must request the Mission to issue an entry visa for study purposes, with validity related to the duration of the course.

In the event that an admission exam is required in person, the study visa will have a formal validity of 100 days. In the event of passing the aforementioned tests, the student will proceed directly to enrol in the course and request an extension of the residence permit, without having to return to the country of origin.

The higher education institutions that receive the request for admission to these courses communicate the acceptance of the student or the possible positive outcome of the access tests to the diplomatic Missions of reference. Also for these courses, the evaluation of the admission qualifications is the exclusive responsibility of the academic bodies.

Admission procedure

Foreign students – reserved positions


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