ICTH PhD – Call for Admission

The Research Doctorate in Information and Communication Technology for Health (ICTH) is activated from the XXXV cycle at the University of Naples Federico II, which is coordinated by Professor Daniele Riccio. It is the key element of the successful proposal by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (DIETI) as part of the financial support initiative for the Departments of Excellence (l.232 / 2016).The denomination is precisely the same as that of the departmental project funded by the MIUR and clearly identifies with internationally recognizable terms – Information and Communication Technology – and – Health -, the topics covered by the course.

The main objective is to provide, in this interdisciplinary field, the necessary training for future protagonists of research and technological innovation activities capable of operating validly with private subjects, public bodies, research centers and universities: potentially anywhere in the world.

It is aimed at a very selected number of graduates, with a solid preparation, interested in the topics of the doctorate, motivated to improve their skills, competences and knowledge in the field of research and innovation.

It is designed to promote an interdisciplinary vision. For this reason, while fully embedded in an ICT area department, it is organized for validation of research topics, and for training events in collaboration with professors of the School of Medicine and Surgery.



•     Number of positions 12 (supported as follows)

o   Student grants: 9 (2 of which for reserved positions: applicants not resident in Italy and graduated abroad).

o   Positions without grants: 3.

•    Research Themes (preliminary list under Board evaluation)

•    Other additional positions with specific research themes are on the way to be finalised.


Important dates

•         Additional scholarship agreements to be stipulated by June to enter the call (or by September as a last resort, without being visible in the call).

•         Publication of call for admission: 1.7.2019

(english version) (versione in italiano

•         Deadline to apply to the call for admission: 1.8.2019

•         Candidates: graduated by 31.10.2019

•         Selection: September 2019

(see pag.12 english version) (vedere pag.12 della versione italiana)

•         Start of next cycle 1.11.2019 


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