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  1. Do you want to enrol at the University of Naples and are you a EUROPEAN STUDENT?

If you are an italian candidate or a candidate from the European Union wherever you reside and regularly residing in Italy or in a European Union country have unrestricted access to university courses if you hold a foreign qualification corresponding to the required Italian qualification.

In this case you have to send your academic documents to the Coordinator of the course you wish to enrol in to find out whether you meet the enrolment requirements (visit the international course catalogue to find out who the Coordinator of the course you are interested in is:

You have to produce any documentation that the University deems necessary for the evaluation of the foreign qualification:

– eventual translations

– legalisations

– Diploma Supplement

– certificates of examinations

– certificates from the Italian ENICNARIC centre (CIMEA)

– any declarations of value issued by the competent diplomatic representations


  1. Do you want to enroll at the University of Naples and are you a NON-EUROPEAN STUDENT?

The university pre-enrolment application is the first step to be taken by a candidate in order to apply for a visa for study purposes at an Italian diplomatic representation [COLLEGAMENTO ALLA SEZIONE VISTO]

The “university pre-enrolment” procedure is different and distinct from that of “enrolment”, which will take place subsequently and on the basis of procedures within each individual university, without the involvement of diplomatic representations.

What is the difference between university pre-enrolment and enrolment?

University pre-enrolment is a compulsory procedure, which is the responsibility of the Embassy and precedes the phase of issuing the study visa and the university enrolment phases; it concerns foreign students abroad and must be concluded before the student’s enrolment procedure at the chosen university.

Enrolment is the procedure for registering the student (matriculation) and is the responsibility of the University and is concluded after the pre-enrolment and visa issuing phases.


How can I pre-register?

The pre-enrolment application is made exclusively through the Universitaly portal (visit The deadline for applying to University of Naples Federico II is July 15, 2022.

In the application, you have to indixcate the University of Naples Federico II and choose the degree programme you want to enrol in. You will also need to specify the Embassy / Consulate where you will apply for an entry visa to Italy.

Contact the Embassy / Consulate well in advance to find out the requirements for obtaining an entry visa and make an appointment if necessary.

Be aware that pre-enrolment alone does not grant admission to degree programmes. In order to matriculate you also need to take and pass the verifications of the entry requirements and the admission procedures set for the degree programme of your interest.

Important! The University of Naples Federico II does not issue admission letters for obtaining a visa.

You must take the following documents to the Italian Embassy:

  • the summary of the pre-enrolment application submitted through Universitaly and validated by the University of Naples Federico II;
  • any language competence certificates (see information on how to meet the Italian language requirement);
  • the documents required for thevisa application, including a health insurance policy where applicable;
  • the required documents if you hold a foreign qualification.

You must obtain the following documents from the Italian Embassy:

  • an entry visato Italy for study  purposes (“studio- immatricolazione università”);
  • a stamped  health insurancepolicy, where applicable;
  • the required documents if you hold a foreign qualification:

Registration for admission tests for the Master of Science degree courses in Medicine and Surgery, Medicine and Surgery in English, Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, Veterinary Medicine, and for courses aimed at training as an Architect, is carried out according to the procedures active on the portal for the test is carried out online by the student and does not exempt the student from applying for an entry visa at the diplomatic-consular Representations.

The dates of the admission tests for the study courses indicated above can be found on the institutional website of the Ministry of University and Research (


Need help with pre-enrolment? Download the tutorial (CARICARE PDF TUTORIAL), the MUR circular on procedures for entry, stay, enrolment of international students and respective recognition of qualifications for higher education courses, or go to the dedicated section (*FAQ)

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