‘World College Radio Day 2019’

All the universities in the world connected by all the radios in the world. Here is the ‘World College Radio Day 2019’, a unique event, which will be held next October 4 to listen to the voice of students from every corner of the planet.

For the ninth edition of the great planetary event, with over 350 radios from 26 countries around the world, the protagonist will also be F2 Radio Lab, the official radio of Federico II, chosen from all the Italian university stations belonging to the RadUni circuit.

The ‘World College Radio Day’ is a live marathon, the voices of students, university speakers, will alternate to tell their own experience, the importance of radio projects in the life of their university.

A long live broadcast that is like a big party that unites the student community starting from the theme of this year’s edition, “Hear it first on College Radio”, that is how everything that happens in the university world, and not only, is told by the voice of the students through a microphone.

F2 Radio Lab will be live from 10 am to 11 am on Friday 4 October 2019, supported by the university radio stations of the RadUni circuit, on www.collegeradio.org and www.radiof2.unina.it


‘World College Radio Day 2019’
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