The Erasmus programme

The Erasmus programme, is the sectoral sub-programme of the LLP Programme which shall address the teaching and learning needs of all those in formal higher education and vocational education and training at tertiary level, whatever the length of their course or qualification may be and including doctoral studies, and the institutions and organisations providing or facilitating such education and training.

Erasmus programme supports:

  • Mobility of individuals which include students, teaching staff other staff in higher education institutions and staff of enterprises for purposes of training or teaching;
  • Multilateral projects focusing inter alia on innovation, experimentation and the exchange of good practice in the areas mentioned in the specific and operational objectives;
  • Networks run by consortia of higher education institutions and representing a discipline or a cross-disciplinary field (‘Erasmus Thematic Networks’) which aim to develop new learning concepts and competencies. Such networks may also include representatives from other public bodies of from enterprises or associations.

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The Erasmus programme
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