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International Summer School on Natural Products
ISSNP 2023, 5th Edition, July 2nd-7th

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The International Summer School on ADDITIVELY MANUFACTURED CONCRETE STRUCTURES is  offered by the Ph.D. program in Structural & Geotechnical Engineering and Seismic Risk of University of Naples Federico II
(Dipartimento di Strutture per l’Ingegneria e l’Architettura). It will take place in Capri Island (Italy) on July 11-14, 2023.
At present, there is a strong need to build robust academic knowledge in researchers who are involved in the digital design-to-fabrication process of novel 3D printed concrete structures. The summer school aims to provide the most advanced technical background – analytical, numerical and practical – on structures and infrastructures achievable by using 3DCP.
AMCS Summer School, promoted by prof. Costantino Menna, is in collaboration with prof.  Freek Bos (Technical University of Munich, Germany), prof. Arnaud Perrot (Université Bretagne Sud, France) and prof. Jacques Kruger (Stellenbosch University, South Africa).

The detailed program, registration info and additional updates are at the following link:

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MUNA Summer School 

The MUNA (Mediterranean and Middle East University Network Agreement), that sees the University Federico II as the leader of 30 Universities of the Mediterranean area, is glad to announce the first edition of the MUNA SUMMER SCHOOL. Due to Covid19-related restrictions, the event will be held on the zoom platform

( – from 13 to 16 September.

The MUNA Summer School is divided into three major topics: MARE NOSTRUM, ORBIS and PERSONA, which encompass many of the research themes already underway within the agreements between UNINA and its partners. The program of the school also includes sessions dedicated to young researchers and a final award ceremony.

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Summer school in European Environmental Taxation at University of Naples Federico II

The Department of Law of the University of Naples Federico II is pleased to invite highly motivated undergraduate students that are achieving their degree in law,  economics, political scienses,  or postgraduate students (masters or Ph.D.) to the 1st edition of the Summer School in European Environmental Taxation (SUSEET) which will take place online from 21st to 26th June 2021. SUSEET is a free summer course, organised with the support of the European Union in the framework of the Jean Monnet Action. Its aim is to provide participants with suitable expertise on environmental taxation, useful both for the construction of an academic career and for a professional one. They will have the opportunity to interact with eminent professors and experts working in this field, gaining an awareness of the complex economic and social issues related to environmental taxation. This year SUSEET has been included in the program “All4 Climate Italy 2021” in preparation for the pre-COP26 ministerial meeting and the international event dedicated to young people “Youth4Climate2021: Driving Ambition” which will take place from 28th September to 2nd October in Milan.


SUSEET key staff :

  • Roberta Alfano – Coordinator – University of Naples Federico II
  • Aldo Ravazzi Douvan – Past Chair OECD Tax & Environment – Advisor at Italian Ministry of Environment
  • Alice Pirlot – University of Oxford
  • Edoardo Traversa – Catholic University of Louvain
  • Enrico Traversa – University of Bologna – Former  Director of the «Justice» team of the European Commission Legal Service
  • Federica Pitrone – Head of International Tax at Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Francisco Adame Martinez – University of Seville
  • Gionata Castaldi – Economist at Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • José Andres Rozas Valdes – University of Barcelona
  • Marta Villar Ezcurra – San Pablo CEU University, Madrid
  • Marina Bisogno – University of Naples Federico II

SUSEET teaching staff will be integrated with renowned guests (academics, experts, policymakers and businesses involved in the green transition). SUSEET program are available at SUSEET website

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ISSNP: 6th – 8th July virtual school

As we are still experiencing Covid19-related restrictions,  the 4th ISSNP will switch from physical to a virtual school.

The school is designed for PhD students and young researchers and aimed to build up a lively scientific community tackling global challenges in the field of natural products.

Strategical objectives will be focused on interdisciplinary and intersectoral learning, networking and cross collaborations.

A combination of lectures, seminars and interactive sessions will provide an immersive and challenging experience and team-based problem solving activities will help the participants to be prepared for future research studies in these fields.
On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of its foundation Indena (, in partnership with the International Summer School of Natural Products ISSNP, is pleased to announce the institution of a biennial prize dedicated to the memory of its founder Biagio Alberto Della Beffa.

For the first edition of the “Biagio Alberto Della Beffa” Prize, three contest winners will be selected among the next International Summer School of Natural Product edition participants. The prize aims to award and support the professional development of young talented scientists in Natural Product Chemistry.

The prize is directed to Chemists, Pharmacists, and Pharmaceutical Chemists. They obtained their MSc after 2018 and are currently attending the 2nd/3rd year of a PhD related to Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Want to apply Applications must be sent before May 31st 2021.

The three winners will be awarded a Grant of 5.000,00, and they will benefit of to a 6-month internship at Indena’ s premises, that includes a Managerial course.

The prize will be awarded during the International Summer School on Natural Products, organizes among the 6th and the 8th July 2021, signifying a closer collaboration between Industry and Academia.

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An Approach on Viruses by The International Summer School
on Natural Products (ISSNP) 2020

Viruses have been regarded as a growing danger to humanity’s health, and the current COVID-19 pandemic has further reinforced this thought. However, an increasing number of reports have demonstrated that viral weaponry can also be exploited for therapeutic applications. This consideration inspired the scientific committee of the event “Viruses not only the bad ones” to organize a series of webinars that will bring us on a journey through the world of viruses. This series will provide information about SARS-CoV-2 and other threatening viruses that could be responsible for new outbreaks, but will focus on the latest achievements in the application of viral technologies for the development of innovative therapeutic approaches.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Valeria Costantino; Prof. Dr. Giorgia Oliviero; Dr. Mattia Mori; Prof. Dr. Daniele Passarella

Date & Time: 10 JULY 2020 10:00 am (CEST)

Webinar ID: 844 8085 5034

Webinar Secretariat:

The third edition of the International Summer School on Natural Products (ISSNP 2019),

a course for students and young researchers aimed at acquiring an interdisciplinary vision of the state of the art in the world of natural substances, will be held in Naples, at the Centro di servizio di Ateneo per le Scienze e Tecnologie per la Vita (CESTEV) in Biotecnologie, via Tommaso De Amicis n. 95, from 1 to 3 July 2019.

ISSNP 2019, organized by the Department of Pharmacy, in collaboration with the Zoological Station “Anthon Dhorn” and the ICB-CNR, is one of the 5 schools of the Italian Chemical Society. The third edition also sees the collaboration of UNIBAS, which took care of the Friday day that will be held in the beautiful setting of Maratea.

The lessons, divided into frontal lessons and interactive sessions, will be held by world-renowned Italian and foreign scientists.

“The ISSNP aims to create an international community of young scientists with an open mind to intersectoral work,” says Valeria Costantino, professor coordinator of the Scientific Committee.

After the Neapolitan stage, the summer school will continue on 4 and 5 July in Maratea.

SUMMER SCHOOL: Cinema, Drama and Literature. Summer courses of Italian Language and culture in Naples.

The initiative, promoted by the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo and the Master’s Degree in Dramaturgy and Cinematography of the University of Naples Federico II aims to teach the Italian language and culture through the study of the rich tradition of film, theater and literature to be held at the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo Via Partenope 36, from July 15, 2019 to July 19, 2019.

It is aimed at foreign students, PhD students and graduate students of the University of Federico II (including incoming Erasmus students), who want to get closer to the Italian cultural heritage.

The course is divided into lessons and seminars lasting 50 hours, including activities not in attendance, of which at least 20 are dedicated to teaching. The primary aim is to spread Italian culture, with specific attention to the literary, theatrical and cinematographic heritage.

There will be a maximum of 50 participants, including foreign students, PhD students and postgraduate students (including incoming Erasmus students) from the University of Naples Federico II.

The project’s coordinator is Prof. Vincenzo Caputo, supported by professors Anna Masecchia, Matteo Palumbo and Francesco De Cristofaro, who together with the writer Maurizio De Giovanni and the artist Peppe barra, form the Scientific Committee.

To proceed with the registration you must connect to the

At the end of the work will be issued a certificate of participation.

Reading the Mediterranean. Navigations, routes, imaginary

In the frame of Terra Murata in Procida will take place from 24 to 27 July 2019 the Summer School ‘Reading the Mediterranean. Navigations, routes, imaginary’ reserved for students, PhD students and PhD students, both Italian and foreign.

The initiative involves, in synergy, teachers from Federico II and the University of Naples L’Orientale (Guido Cappelli, Laura Cannavacciuolo, Carlo Vecce, Augusto Guarino, Lida Viganoni, Roberta Morosini, Tobia Toscano, Antonio Saccone, Francesco de Cristofaro, Giuliana Adamo, Antonietta Iacono, Maria Panetta, Marco Ottaiano, Monica Ruocco, Vincenzo Arsillo, Michele Costagliola D’Abele, Antonella Cilento, Ferdinando Tricarico).

The program, which consists of lectures, readings, discussions and excursions in the area, aims to introduce participants to the exploration of the imaginary Mediterranean, in order to spread the work of writers, intellectuals and artists who from this multifaceted space, from the Middle Ages to the present day, have drawn inspiration for their activities.

The works will close with an interview with the writer Antonella Cilento.


Summer School of the Nervi workshop on ‘The shape of water’

From 19 to 24 July 2019, at the Lecco territorial pole of the Politecnico di Milano, the Summer School ‘The shape of water’ of the Nervi laboratory is held in partnership with Federico II of Naples, La Sapienza of Rome and the Politecnico di Torino.

As part of the broader research on modern architecture and the figure of Pierluigi Nervi, Italian engineer, entrepreneur and academic, specializing in civil construction, the theme of the Summer School is the indoor pool in Via Oglio, designed by Nervi in 1964.

The school, which has 16 places, has 4 students from DiARC, Department of Architecture of Federico II.

Sponsors of the School are the FIB and the CTE, with the patronage of Docomomo Italia.

The school ends with a final appointment in September 2019 for the presentation of the results and the awarding of the students.