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Federico II today

The University of Naples Federico II was established in 1224 through an Imperial Charter of Frederick II Hohenstaufen, King of Sicily and Holy Roman Emperor. It was the first publicly funded university in Europe.

Nowadays the university offers courses in essentially all academic disciplines, leading to onehundredfiftyfive graduate level degrees. Research facilities provide support to all these courses. Students are given the opportunity to pursue intellectual development as well as the acquisition of professional skills. Current student enrollment nears 97,000 and the academic personnel, at this time, is 3,121.

The university is made up of three divisions (Poli), which operate as semi independent bodies for the teaching and research management of thirteen schools and eightytwo departments grouped, within each division, according to academic and research profiles. Thus, the Division of Science and Technology includes: the School of Sciences (which, in turn, includes the Schools of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences), the School of Engineering, and the School of Architecture. The Division of Life Sciences includes: the School of Medicine and Surgery, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Veterinary Medicine, the School of Agricultural Sciences and the recently established School of Biotechnological Sciences. The Division of Social and Human Sciences includes: the School of Economics, The School of Law, the School of Liberal Arts, the School of Political Sciences and the School of Sociology. Many more organisations also form part of the Federico II University. These include a cluster of fourteen highly specialised Museums, covering a wide range of fields, and two botanical gardens hosting unique species.

The central library facility is linked to the division and school libraries; it runs many digital programmes designed to provide free access and the widest possible dissemination of published material to the academic staff. There are seventeen inter-departmental research centres (see organisational chart on page 18) open to scholars of all departments and schools and twentyone service and study centres.

The University Federico II has a tradition of promoting and supporting student associations. There are more than fifty student associations currently active, which bring together students, of widely varied cultural and social background. These associations give rise to initiatives and activities of different nature, including sporting events, arts, social and political forums.

The venue of the university has changed many times, over the many centuries of its history (see History). Nowadays, the size of the university is such that its venues are spread throughout the city of Naples and its immediate surroundings. The three major campuses are located in the centre of town, its Northern and Western outskirts. The Senate House and the main administrative offices, along with the Schools of Law and Liberal Art are in central Naples; the much newer campuses on the hill of Camaldoli (North) and the Fuorigrotta (West) areas, host the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy and the Schools of Sciences and Economics, respectively.

The School of Medicine includes a large University Hospital, as part of a much larger hospital system, which includes the multi-speciality ‘Cardarelli’ Hospital, the largest hospital of Southern Italy the Cancer Institute and the Hospital for Infectious diseases.

The University Federico II is striving to become a world university and, to this end, places the highest priority in nurturing relationships, both within Italy and internationally. Our students are relentlessly encouraged in the pursuit of excellence, at home and abroad. Our staff and students take part in a variety of exchange programmes, within Europe, the Americas and Asia. While promoting cooperation with the more scientifically advanced research institutions of the affluent world, we are making every effort to help the less fortunate. Citizens of Northern Uganda have one doctor out of each 40,000 people: ‘Gulunap’ is the interuniversity cooperative project undertaken by the University of Naples Federico II and the School of Medicine of the city of Gulu in Northern Uganda. The project, started in 2004, aims at training doctors for the specific needs of the local communities, first call treatments, promotion of preventive medicine and an integrated therapeutic approach. Four years down the road, the school has nearly twohundred students coming from all over Uganda but also from Kenya, Sudan and Congo.

Cognizant of the changing needs of education and research, the Federico II University of Naples is making every effort to raise its international standings and to become more attractive for international students. Its educational network is being geared towards the establishment of life-long, high level professional training programmes, while maintaining excellence in all fields of education and research.

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Switchboard +39(0)81.2531111

RECTOR'S OFFICE: Corso Umberto I, 40 - 80138 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2537200 Fax +39(0)81.2537278 e-mail: rettore@unina.it

ADMINISTRATIVE HEADOFFICE: Corso Umberto I, 40 - 80138 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2537250 Fax +39(0)81.2537365 e-mail: diramm@unina.it
Web site: www.unina.it

Schools – Student Guidance Desks
School of Agriculture:  Via Università, 100 80055 Portici Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.7764811 Fax +39(0)81.7764811 e-mail: agraria@orientamento.unina.it

School of Architecture:  Via Monteoliveto, 3 (classroom T4) 80134 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2538043 Fax +39(0)81.2538047 e-mail: architet@orientamento.unina.it

School of Economics: University Campus of Monte S. Angelo, Via Cinthia, 26  80126 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.676660 Fax +39(0)81.676662 e-mail: economia@orientamento.unina.it

School of Pharmacy: Via D. Montesano, 49 80131 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.678508 Fax +39(0)81.678552 e-mail: farmacia@orientamento.unina.it

School of Law: Via Porta di Massa, 32 80134 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2534331 Fax +39(0)81.5523852 e-mail: giurispr@orientamento.unina.it

School of Engineering: Piazzale Tecchio, 80 80125 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.7682646 Fax +39(0)81.7682206 e-mail: ingegner@orientamento.unina.it

School of Humanities: Via Porta di Massa, 1 80133 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2535523 Fax +39(0)81.5527818 e-mail: lettefil@orientamento.unina.it

School of Medicine and Surgery: Via Pansini, 5 80131 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.7464968 Fax +39(0)81.5451510 e-mail: medechir@orientamento.unina.it

School of Veterinary Medicine: Via F. Delpino,1 80137 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.440301 Fax +39(0)81.446746 e-mail: medivete@orientamento.unina.it

School of Biotechnological Sciences: Via Cinthia,26 Ed. Centri Comuni, Monte S.Angelo 80126 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.676731 Fax +39(0)81.5933317 e-mail: biotecno@orientamento.unina.it

School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences: University Campus of Monte S.Angelo - Via Cinthia, 26 80126 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.676744 Fax +39(0)81.676710
Via Mezzocannone, 12- 80138 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2534691 Fax +39(0)81.2534688 e-mail: scienze.mmffnn@orientamento.unina.it

School of Political Science: Via L. Rodinò, 22- 80138 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2537461 Fax +39(0)81.2537466 e-mail: sciepoli@orientamento.unina.it

School of Sociology: Via Monte di Pietà, 1 80138 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2535886 Fax +39(0)81.2535849 e-mail: sociolog@orientamento.unina.it

Student services

School of Agriculture: Via Università, 100- 80055 Portici Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2539242 Fax +39(0)81.2539241 e-mail: segreagra@unina.it

School of Architecture: Vico Forno Vecchio, 36- 80134 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2538879 Fax +39(0)81.2538883 e-mail: segrearch@ceda.unina.it

School of Economics: University Campus of Monte Sant’Angelo, Via Cinthia, 26- 80126 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.676520 Fax +39(0)81.676646 e-mail: segrecon@ceda.unina.it

School of Pharmaceutical Science: Via D. Montesano, 49- 80131 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.678302 Fax +39(0)81.678742 e-mail: segrefarma@ceda.unina.it

School of Law: Via Nuova Marina, 32- 80133 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2536450 Fax +39(0)81.2536529 e-mail: segregiu@ceda.unina.it

School of Engineering: Piazzale Tecchio, 80- 80125 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.7682209 Fax +39(0)81.7682532 e-mail: segreing@ceda.unina.it

School of Humanities: Via Lanzieri, 17- 80134 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2537473 Fax +39(0)81.2537478 e-mail: segrelet@ceda.unina.it

School of Medicine and Surgery: Via S. Pansini, 5 Edificio 24- 80131 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.7463480 Fax +39(0)81.7463447 e-mail: segremed@ceda.unina.it

School of Veterinary Medicine: Via Don Bosco, 8- 80137 Naples
Tel.+39(0)81/2537367 e-mail: segremedvet@ceda.unina.it

School of Biotechnological Sciences: Via Mezzocannone, 16, II piano- 80138 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2537245 Fax +39(0)81.2534603 e-mail: segrescienzebio@ceda.unina.it

School of Mathematical, Physical and natural Sciences: Via Mezzocannone, 16, II piano- 80134 Naples
Tel. +39(0)81.2534594 Fax +39(0)81.2534603 e-mail: segrescienze@ceda.unina.it
Via Cinthia, 26, Complesso Universitario Monte Sant’Angelo Centri Comuni- 80126 Napoli
Tel. +39(0)81.2534620 Fax +39(0)81.2534603 e-mail: segrescienze@ceda.unina.it

School of Political Science: Via Rodinò, 30- 80138 Napoli
Tel. e fax +39(0)81.2538300 e-mail: segrescienzepol@ceda.unina.it

School of Sociology: Via G.C. Cortese, 29- 80134 Napoli
Tel. +39(0)81.2537779 Fax +39(0)81.2537676 e-mail: segrelet@ceda.unina.it


ENTRANCE TEST TRAINING COURSES: the University offers, between the end of August and the beginning of September, short pre-courses to prepare for entrance tests.
Info: www.orientamento.unina.it

MULTIMEDIA AND IT LABORATORIES: 12 Multimedia laboratories,  with 368 networking computers; 50 IT laboratories, each equipped with a projector and Internet connection
Info: www.csi.unina.it

ONLINE ENROLMENT SERVICE: to enrol from home or from an Internet Point.
Info: www.unina.it

ONLINE TUITION FEE PAYMENT: tuition fees can be paid by VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards or by Pago Bancomat debit card.
Info https://www.segrepass2.unina.it

IMPAIRED STUDENTS: students with motor, sight, hearing and other chronic disease-related impairments can benefit from teaching aids, technical equipment and psychological counselling.
Info: www.disabili.unina.it ; accoglienza@disabili.unina.it; www.barriere.unina.it

E-MAIL ACCOUNT: every student is entitled to have one.
Info: http://www.csi.unina.it/flex/cm/pages/ServeBLOB.php/L/IT/IDPagina/26#235823

ONLINE LIBRARY: over 5,000 journals are accessible in full text mode, and databases are accessible to retrieve the lists of the books available in each library of the University.
Info: www.biblio.unina.it

SELF-ASSESSMENT TESTS: self-assessment tests can be taken to measure one’s knowledge in the field pertaining to the degree course chosen.
Info: www.orientamento.unina.it/autovalutazione I autotest. html

ONLINE STUDENT REGISTRAR’S OFFICE: it permits to check on personal data and exams by logging on to the Internet.
Info: http://esis.ceda.unina.it/homepage.asp

WEB PROFESSOR: students can talk to professors online and use the teaching material available on the web.
Info www.docenti.unina.it

INTERNATIONAL HOUSE: four internet terminals  for hosting and orienting Italian and foreign Erasmus students.
Info: tel. +39(0)812537418 -  ihf@unina.it

CENTRE FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENT PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING (C.c.P.S.U.): Department of Relational Sciences — Via Porta di Massa,1 – Building B – 2nd floor – Side A - Naples+39(0)81-5517480
Applied Psychology and Psychoanalysis Unit- Department of Neuroscience and Behavioural Science-  Ground floor of the Anatomy Institutes – Building 20, Via Pansini,5 80131 Napoli Tel +39(0)81/7463458