1st Webinar on Marine Drugs – an Open Access Journal

An Approach on Viruses by The International Summer School on Natural Products (ISSNP) 2020

Viruses have been regarded as a growing danger to humanity’s health, and the current COVID-19 pandemic has further reinforced this thought. However, an increasing number of reports have demonstrated that viral weaponry can also be exploited for therapeutic applications. This consideration inspired the scientific committee of the event “Viruses not only the bad ones” to organize a series of webinars that will bring us on a journey through the world of viruses. This series will provide information about SARS-CoV-2 and other threatening viruses that could be responsible for new outbreaks, but will focus on the latest achievements in the application of viral technologies for the development of innovative therapeutic approaches.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Valeria Costantino; Prof. Dr. Giorgia Oliviero; Dr. Mattia Mori; Prof. Dr. Daniele Passarella

Date & Time: 10 JULY 2020 10:00 am (CEST)

Webinar ID: 844 8085 5034

Webinar Secretariat: marinedrugs.webinar@mdpi.com

The three websites have been updated with their ZOOM meeting ID numbers:

https://marinedrugs-1.sciforum.net/, ZOOM ID: 844 8085 5034

https://marinedrugs-2.sciforum.net/, ZOOM ID: 830 6658 8015

https://marinedrugs-3.sciforum.net/, ZOOM ID: 892 2248 5030



1st Webinar on Marine Drugs – an Open Access Journal
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